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    I was on here a while ago and some1 had a complete guide to making your own mp3 ringtones and emailing them to your phone. I have done this many times with peak but ran out of free demo and now need the guide back to reread it for the other programs. Can that person please pm me with it or post in this thread with it.

    P.S., Will this work with a razr? bc my friend has a razr and wants mp3 tones too this way bc musicbox and other get it now programs dont have a great selection.

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    Re: Ringtone Guides?

    I used to have this on one of my websites, but took it down a long time ago. I don't remember posting the entire steps neccessary to do this. You may want to check some of my old posts...maybe I did.
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    Re: Ringtone Guides?

    There are infinitely many ways to get mp3's onto your phone, but the absolute easiest is to have bluetooth on your computer, an audio editing software (there are an infinite amount of those too), and just send your editing mp3 straight to your phone... however, the #1 problem with this is if your carrier has blocked your phone's bluetooth capabilities... if you have a RAZR... which carrier do you have? If you have Verizon, you're **** out of luck and will need to have the ringtones MMSed to you, which gets more complicated....

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