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    Hello, I just got Samsung SCH-A570 with Telus mobility in eastern Canada. In the phone manual it says that if a number calls that is in my contacts list, the name, and the phone number if available, will be displayed. I always get no name, and unavilable for phone number. Do I need the Caller ID service from Telus in order for this to work? I do not have Caller ID service. Its a little confusing, because isn't caller id that very feature of displaying the calling phone number and name, so if I need it, than really it's not the phone that has that feature? I hope that makes sense. It's just a little bit misleading maybe, because for all other things like voice mail and call forwarding in the manual it says, you need to get this feature from your provider at possibly extra charge. But it says no such thing for caller display feature. So I just want to make sure I am not doing something wrong, and indeed this is the expected behaviour if I dont have Caller ID service.

    This is the plan I have:
    and the phone:


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    Re: small confusion about caller display

    This is expected behavior. You need caller-id for the phone to capture the number calling you. That's why you're seeing unavailable for the phone number. Without the incoming phone number your phone has no idea who is calling and can't get a name from the contacts list.

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