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    Hey guys, just got this Samsung a860 phone through Bell Mobility, I've heard the phone isn't around in the states, so I think I might have some issues finding support for it.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows specifics for sending pics/midi to the phone. I've tried sending jpegs/gifs, but I get a content mismatch error or something like that.

    If anyone knows what file format and size (128x128 for example) pictures should be for this phone, I'd be greateful.

    Also, if anyone knows how well a data cable will work with this phone, I saw on a few sites that it will only allow you backup items and sync contacts with outlook, but nothing more. If I can't send pics/ringtones to my phone, I won't buy one.

    Any additional info is appreciated.


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    Re: Samsung SPH-a860 questions

    I was able to determine your screen resolution is 128x160, but I don't know much about Canadian service providers. I've been browsing Bell Mobility using the Forum Search button located just above the right of the first thread in the forum.

    It seems a lot of Bell users have success with www.pix2fone.com and others are using a program called bitpim (find it with google) to do a lot of things with their Bell phones. I haven't used either of these so please read up on it, hopefully this helps. If you can come up with the right keywords, you might be able to find a lot more info with a site search or forum search.

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    Re: Samsung SPH-a860 questions

    I probably asked a bit hastily, I've found that the usable screen size is 128x128, and that it can use these formats:
    • Jar
    • Jpg
    • png
    • wbmp
    • pmd
    • qcp
    • mid

    So, everything but GIFs...
    using rumkin.com works really well, usable screen size is 128x128, but I'm sure I'll have to experiment a bit more to use the most screen possible with pictures

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