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    I have a Samsung SGH-E715 and I ordered a data cable for it becuse I want to use it as a GPRS modem for my laptop while I travel to the Czech Republic. The problem is that the manufacter of the data cable directed to a website to download the drivers for the cable but the website does not exist. I need to find somewhere to get the software, preferably to download it, maybe for free or a small fee. CAN ANYONE HELP

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    Re: need to get data cable to work


    are you looking for the software to connect ur laptop to ur phone ?
    if yes, try here:

    SAMSUNG's Digital World - Support

    if u r looking for the driver for ur usb cable, try here:

    USB Data Cable - Samsung E715/E105/X426/X427/S307/V205 - $14.95

    good luck

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