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    Well unfortunatly I found out that my old phone Nokia 6820 is not waterproof, forgot about it, and went to the beach not good.

    Any way it was time to renew my contract with cingular anyway, and I got the Samsung SGH-D807, wow is this thing cool looking and sleek. It has bluetooth, 1.3megapixel camera/video, mp3 player, everything I could think of. Nice interfact to.

    Im very new to the cell phone community however, so I do need help with some stuff, hopefully you guys can help me,

    1. There is no usb hookup, do I buy one?

    2. How do I get music/videos onto the phone?

    3. The picture of the headphone is next to the charger port, there is no headset or headphone port, do I need to buy special headphones or is there some sort of adapter so I can plug in my ipod headphones?

    thanks for you help.

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