Hey, I just got a t809 a few days ago and I love except for 2 things, one I can't set a custom text tone (I know it can't be done I have looked threw the posts) and when ever I reply to or type a text message it automatically types in that crap guess your word thing. My question is how do I set it so when I start typing it is just the letters?

My other question is I am looking to get a case for my phone because I have been reading that the t809 gets a build up of dust behind the screen protector when it is kept in a pocket or purse and I keep mine in my pocket. I really just want the slimiest thing possible to keep the dust out and to protect it when it is in my pocket. I was thinking of this,

Clear plastic snap-on case

Or I was thinking about getting a leather case that I can slip my phone in and keep it in my pocket. The only catch is I don't want a belt clip or a nub to hook it on a belt clip on it. I am really lookin to get something with leather protective pads on the front and back and elastic sides. I know this is picky but I just hate havin bulky pointy stuff in my pockets. I have seen these along time ago for older cell phones. They were made for girls to put their phone in when they carry their phone in their purse.

Well thanks for all your help, please tell me what you guys have to protect your phones, what model and make it is and a link if you have it.


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