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    I know you all have been looking for it, so I found them and posted them here!

    Links down for matinance


    Q: What type of phone is this for?
    A: GSM Samsung Phones ONLY

    Q: What's GSM?
    A: Phones that take SIM Cards (T-Mobile, Cingular)

    Q: What's a SIM Card?
    A: A small chip put in your GSM phone (See Above ^^) that contains User Data

    Q: It's Not Working! What do I do?
    A: First... Is you phone hooked up via Data Cable to your computer and all nessassary drivers installed? Second, Look on the Manufacturer's site for answers. Third, Post here!

    See More: Download Links: EasyGPRS and EasyStudio
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    Re: Download Links: EasyGPRS and EasyStudio

    where can i get the drivers for the t319
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