This morning, I got a text message, fine and dandy. Then 5 minutes later, my phone beeped, but this time it told me "msg is rejected, memory is full".
I thought this was weird because I had barely any text messages saved. I usually fill up my boxes before I delete them, but this time I had no more than 10 in both the saved, drafted and sent combined!

I deleted them anyway, but no dice. I have gotten a beep and that message over and over again the whole day. I even reset my phone twice, but to no avail. I have never downloaded anything on my phone, not even a ringtone. I don't use mobile IM or email. I also erased the two saved voice messages (even though I'm pretty darned sure they aren't saved physically on my phone).

I called samsung customer service. They were no help. They just asked me if I had dropped it in water, which I haven't. Then they told me it was probably an internal problem and I'd have to take it in.
I don't buy it and hopefully someone here can help me out!
Thanks for any help!

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