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    Re: Samsung a930 help

    alright so I have a question. In putting ring tones on, adding new pictures ect using bitpm, would you need to buy an micro sd card to do that? or is the internal memory large enough to get by without?

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    Re: Samsung a930 help

    You can use your internal memory for that. But it depends, if your gonna have alot of pics and ringtones you probably would want to get a memory card. but if its not gonna take up alot of space you probably dont need one.

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    Re: Samsung a930 help

    The a930 only comes with about 20mb of free space from the manufacturer.
    So it is best to buy a memory card just to ensure that you dont have to sqeeze to much on so little of space. I also heard that your phone could lock up if you fill the internal memory.(Not sure tho)I have a 512mb card that cost me $28 from BestBuy. But it cost me another $20 for a cheap card reader.
    So your looking at about $50-$60.

    I got my ringtones to work but still no luck on the music player tho

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