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    Okay, so I have a Motorola V330 with T-Mobile and an old Samsung SPH-A660 with Sprint. The Samsung with Sprint gives me service virtually everywhere, yet I get almost no service with the T-Mobile Motorola where I live. I really like the Motorola phone though, so I want to transfer my Sprint service to it.

    I thought i would have to unlock the V330 and throw in the SIM card from the Samsung. Well, I can't find a SIM card in the Samsung. Does anyone know how to do what I want to? Is it impossible?

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    Re: New to cell phones, please help me!

    Sorry, it's not possible to use a GSM phone (SIM card, ie T-Mobile, Cingular) with a CDMA carrier (No SIM card, ie Sprint, Verizon, or Alltel). Unlocking a GSM phone will make is usable on other GSM networks, but Sprint will not activate any CDMA phone branded for a carrier other than Sprint. The same applies to most if not all other CDMA carriers in the USA, they won't let you use a phone unless it's branded for their network.

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    Re: New to cell phones, please help me!

    Sprint service and T-Mobile service are NOT the same.

    Sprint is IDEN and T-Mobile is GSM.

    You will need to buy a new or used, phone from Sprint, if you want to use a different phone. You are not going to be able to get that V330 to work with Sprint (not in this life time anyway).

    Realizing he made a mistake, DA Bear sheepishly says...

    Whoops! Didn't catch that, you guys are right it's Nextel that is IDEN, with Sprint being CDMA.

    <--hangs his shaggy head in shame, because he knew that!
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    Re: New to cell phones, please help me!

    Sprint isn't IDEN, only supports IDEN technology (which the US is trying to outlaw, btw)

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