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    Alright, so last christmas I got this phone and havnt started to put music on it untill now and Ive been trying to figure this thing out for a while. Im just trying to put music files on my computer onto my phone. Verisons instuction booklet thing, and website dont seem to help so i called their customer service and they said that the reason its not working is becuase i need to get my phone "flashed" So i went to the store and they said it would work becuase my phone was defective...

    So they sent me a new one that I just recieved today. I basically have 3 questions.

    I know verison can transfer contacts, but can they also transfer videos and pics to my new phone?

    If not, how do i go about moving those pics and videos to my computer?
    Also, I was reading through verisons insruction booklet and their instructions for getting music files from your computer to your phone and they said to insert the transflash card into the phone, press play which whill create a my_mp3's directory on the card, and then they said to remove the transflash card from the phone and put it into the PC adaptor, then to transfer the mp3 files from my PC into the my_mp3's directory on the transflash card and then put the card back in the phone.

    So I bought the Music Essentials Kit and theres two little chip things that came with it, the trans flash card, and another bigger one called the transflash adapter. So Is that the PC adaptor they are talking about? and how do i go about connecting that to my computer? it doesnt fit in anything in the music essentials kit or the phone or the computer.

    I know that was kinda long, sorry about that.. but thanks for the help guys

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