I have a Samsung x427m phone and I signed up for a 3-month subscription with this website that has a great selection of ringtones. I found out that because my service is not one of the ones this website supports (I know, I know), I needed to actually hook my phone up to my PC with a USB cable (which I have), but I don't know how to actually download it to my phone. I was told by "the website" that I did not need special software in order to do this, but it took my two weeks to get a yes or no out of them on that question, so I figured I could get an answer on the "how to" here, a lot quicker.

I did get a driver CD with it and installed it, I have the ringtone on my PC, my phone hooked up with the USB cale, but I don't know where to go from there.

Any help out there?

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