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    Hi Everyone,
    I just got this phone a few weeks ago and I can't seem to put my own mp3's as a ring tone. I used a program to shorten it down to about 20 secs or so and then downloaded the file to the phone using the included usb cable. There are a few issues with this, one is that it won't allow me access to allthe dir on the phone (so I can drop a ringtone into the proper place). Once I do have a mp3 on the phone or the memory card, it will not allow me to set it as a ringtone or caller id. What gives. My wife baught the t-609 and she can do the above. There has to be some way to do this. HELP. Thanks

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    Re: t-809 and ringtones

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    Re: t-809 and ringtones

    if your mp3 tone which you wanna keep as ringtone is xyz.mp3 then RENAME it as xyz.3gp and then transfer it 2 your phone then it will work

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    Re: t-809 and ringtones

    i just get a t809 too and i was having trouble with the ringtones. thanks again!

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