I was hoping someone could tell me if there is any way to change some of the stuff in my phone.... such as:
the color skins (can you add more?)
the text message alert sounds (again, can you add more?)
in the file manager, it has an images folder, which has the subfolders photo, downloaded & favorite. is there any way to make additional folders inside the pre-existing subfolders? Or at all?
The music & sounds folders are separate, music is for .mp3's and sounds appears to be for .amr's. When trying to send an mms, I can't pick anything out of the music file, even if its a 20 kb file! (295kb sending limit for mms) I can select something from the sounds folder, well, I could if I had anything in the sounds folder. Why? Any fix for this? (preferably without having to reformat everything in the music folder and then re-send it all into the phone again)

I have TONS of other random little questions, which I will undoubtedly ask whoever is brilliant enough to help me with these ones.

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