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    Hi everyone...

    ok this is about the ringtones...

    I no how to convert all mp3s to 3gps and it works perfect ( add me on aim x 13allin x if you want program)... but then i downloaded a music editor called Audacity which can cut songs to make it shorter and get to the juicy part.. haha.. then i export it as a WAV cuz you cant convert the regular type that Audacity requires so i export it at WAV then i convert it to 3GP but then when i put the USB in and TRY to transfer it.. and then i take out the USB... i cant find the song.. VERY confusing and i hate it!

    Maybe its my music editor or something?

    Any help?

    If you want to no more about this problem... add me on AIM

    X 13aLLin X

    Ty, Justin

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    Re: Samsoung T809.. VERY COMPLICATED

    Take the .wav and make it into a .aac
    Super video converter will do it (free).
    The A900 will then "see" the file and you'll be able to tansfer it to the phone.

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    Re: Samsoung T809.. VERY COMPLICATED

    I no how to convert all mp3s to 3gps and it works perfect
    3GP is the format Motorolas use to record videos. I don't know where you got that from, lol

    Audacity also can export to MP3 with the LAME (Lame ain't an MP3 Encoder) Patch.

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