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    Switched to an e635 in January. The phone is kuhl; slider, camera, speaker phone, all that. But since I switched to this from my old beat up
    Samsung bar style (105?), the coverage/reception is LOUSY! So is the battery life.
    I live in a rural area about 45 mins to an hour NE of Seattle. Our businesses are in Seattle. When I switched from AT&T to Tmobile 2 or 3 years ago, I was thrilled with the coverage out here in the boonies. It was great. I told all my neighbors to go to Tmobile. That was with the old phone (new then, of course).
    Now, with the e635, everything is changed! In Seattle, the coverage is fine. Out here, however, I can't even get 1 bar inside my house most the time. Sometimes not even when standing out in the yard. With the previous phone, I had great coverage here (well, at least 2 or 3 bars). SAME PROVIDER (Tmobile). Now, most times, there is simply NO service if I am at home. How can the PHONE make that big a difference?
    In addition, the battery life on this phone SUCKS. Previously, I would drive all day and talk most of it (yes, with a headset). With the e635, if I talk just on my drive into Seattle, my battery is nearly used up.
    Is this what I should get with this phone?? I can't believe a new phone would be less of everything an old phone was. Could I have gotten a lemon? And if I did, I'm screwed, cuz I bought it privately, NOT thru Tmobile.
    ALSO, has anyone heard that a SIM card replacement could help something like this? One Tmobile tech told me to try buying a new SIM card.
    Any ideas would be really appreciated. I'm about to give this phone to my daughter who lives in Seattle, and try something else. But the battery life wouldn't work for her, either.
    Shelley / Arfghan

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    Re: CAN THIS BE FIXED?? . . LESS coverage with e635, and lousy battery life

    Hmm, seems like an odd problem to have, never the less, I can help you. Ok, now the battery should not do that in standby at all. If the software was changed, that could play a problem. Take out the battery and make sure the prongs are clean and free of any obstrucations. If it's dusty, blow it off a bit, never ever apply water to it. You may have to replace the battery if it is older. The coverage - Phones can make the change for reception. For instance, your old phone (not sure of the model), probably had an external or more powerful antenna, therefore picking up a stronger signal.

    The thing that blows me away the most is the battery life! It should not be like this. Try to get the battery replaced, if that doesn't work, replace the phone. Buying a new SIM card wouldn't solve ANYTHING. **Ahh... saw you bought it privatly... thought you may have bought a lemon-phone, lol. you're not SOL, try purchasing a new battery! Hope it helps! *

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    Re: CAN THIS BE FIXED?? . . LESS coverage with e635, and lousy battery life

    new battery?

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