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    Hello everybody.

    I bought my D-600 brand new from Ebay, sealed in Box. It worked just fine and Im in love with it, however I droped it twice, not too bad, didnt even scratch and nothing wrong happend.

    However after 2 days from the last drop, the phone stopped working as in : It Wont Turn On, I press the button to turn it on, the screen with D600 come ( welcome screen ) , then it turns off by itself, so pretty much I cant get in the phone to see something else besides the welcome screen.

    Welcome screens comes on, stays like that for around 6 seconds, then cellphone turns off, then without me pressing any buttons it comes on ( same welcome screen ) - so it does this for 2-3 hours until I remove batery.

    I went to my local Cellphone repair service and they told me they cant help me yet because they dont have the right software.

    Anybody who reads this message , I will be very very thankful and I will appreciate any kind of help or tricks, maybe I will get my baby to start working....I will read this daily, you can even email me at [email protected]

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: Problems with my brand new Samsung d600

    Seems like you were doing the right steps. Did you also try to contact Samsung? From point of purchase, your warranty is good for 1 year. Outside of water damage, services should be free. The only thing that you would have to pay is shipping. However, you'd probably be without your cell phone for about 2 weeks. I could be wrong, but others here would correct me. But yeah, I'd contact Samsung.

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