I have seen a lot of questions on here asking how to get ringers on the samsung A900, well, here you all are....

first you need to d/l a program that will let you edit your mp3's, becuase you dont need a 5min long ringer... I use w w w . mptrim . c o m /mpTrim.zip its simple and easy to use, but there are many out there.

Next step is getting the ringer to your phone. go to w w w . funformobile . c o m and to to the upload ringtone button on the left side. once there, select your carrier, put in your phone number, click the browse button, select the file you made with mptrim, name the file, then select upload. you will get a message from funformobile on your phone, and it will guide you to the place to d/l your ringer. once you d/l the ringer, it will be in your my content->rigers section then you can assign your ringers to who ever you want.



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