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    eh, my mom has a samsung e317. she keeps naggin me about getting her a few ringers. she shut off web access to her phone and text messaging, she said she does not have that. so wap is not an option

    i would like to manually transfer them myself to her phone

    i saw an interesting lil headphone jack that the top

    would a mini usb fit in there?

    and i also need a media managment program for it... and since im not much of a samsung guy(but im korean!) can u samsung experts lend me a hand

    See More: newb...in this section at least! plz help
    Hey there!

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    Re: newb...in this section at least! plz help

    Ahh, my area of experties! lol Well, since WAP, WAP Push, and Text are shut off, the only option is a data cable. Samsung uses the "bar" charger, so no, you'd have to buy a data cable manufactured specifically for samsung, not mini-USB like some motorolas. A good program is either easyGPRS or EasyStudio (both free, but hard to come by). Home it helps!

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