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    i was told this is how u do it

    The way I put videos on mine is first put them in .3gp format (IMTOO is a good converter to use), then put them in the MY_FLIX folder on the card. Works great. I have never done it via USB before, so don't know much about that or if it even can be done that way.

    i kno whow to convert them to 3gp but how do u put them on the card?

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    Re: Upload Your Own Vids on the a950??

    media card readers are our friends . I swap stuff off & on my 950 all the time w/ a card reader I bought off new egg for only $20 inc shipping. Although the only downside of doing this is some day, sooner than later i'm sure, the spring in phone that pushes the media card out will break
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