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    Help, The new free aol is out, I want to connect to them directly the new 9.0 security addition. I can't get my samsung a920 to be recognized as a modem, can't dial up to aol's numbers using my area code and first 3 numbers either. Anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanx in advance!

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    Re: Samsung A920 phone as modem

    Ewww aol, lol, I share your AOL-related pain! haha, anyway, what you need to do is make sure that your phone is being recognized as a modem (WinKey + Pause/Break > Device Manager > Modems). If it's not or has a "?" or "x" next to it, re-install the drivers for the phone and it should be recognized!

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    Re: Samsung A920 phone as modem

    the first thing you need is a samsung a920 drivers. you can find it on samsung.com or do a google.com search. then you need to create a manual dun. it is different between xp and vista. you can google.com search for how to create manual dun. it is easy just go to control panel and network connections or network and sharing center. then you create a new connection. please google search for more info. then you connect. make sure you have a usb cable and samsung a920 drivers.

    you need to know the configurations for setting up your modem in the phone and modems options in your control panel. you may need extra initialization commands and settings for you manual dun depending on your wireless service provider. i would call them for the settings. it would probably be easier just to call them in genereal but here is some basic information. just a brief overview of what is expected.
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