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    I have Cingular.. but I was interested on a Samsung A900, want to know if its compatible with cingular and if it allows for the chip that cingular use.
    Anyone could let me know?

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    Re: A900 Compatible with Cingular??

    Welcome to CPF!

    Well, unfourtionatly, no it is not possible, but before you leave this thread, let me explain why!

    Cingular uses a technology called GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). GSM phones use a SIM Card(Subscriber Identity Module Card). A SIM Card stores information such as the user’s phone number, phone book as well as other information related to the subscriber and the carrier of the mobile phone. Cingular and T-Mobile are the most common providers in the US

    Sprint uses a technology called CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). This is a purely digital network. Transmission from the phone goes to a radio/router type device, digitalized into a series of coded numbers. Sprint and Verizon are the most common CDMA carriers in the US.

    Basically, to tell the difference between the two, look around the phone for a SIM Card. If there is no SIM Card slot, it is a CDMA. If it's a Nextel or Boost phone, it's called TDMA*. No, it's not compatible with cingular or any other GSM, or CDMA carrier.

    *TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) - A digital wireless transmission that allows a large number of users to access one radio frequency without acctually interupting service. It uses a "Time Slot" technology, meaning, it's like a call center ("A representative will take your call in the order in which it was recieved").

    Hope this helps!

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