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    Hi Everyone,I can't get BitPim to convert songs.It says it can't find pvconv.exe. Can anyone help with this?

    k nevermind I found out that problem but now my problem is
    "SPH-A740: The port you are using is echoing data back, and is not valid for Brew data"
    Does anyone know what this means

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    Re: BitPim

    when a port "echos" data, it means it's repeating the data back to the device emiting it...

    Brew data (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) is just like J2ME (kJava apps on GSM phones), but is made exclusivly for phones with CDMA chipsets... If I am correct... qualcomm first came out with it. It's simpler than J2ME becuase no initial interface or programming is needed on the phones part.

    So, basically, the message translated is:

    "Your phone, SPH-A740, binded to the port <xx> (COM port it is using), is repeating data back to me (the PC). I can't send and BREW data to it until it compleats."

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    Re: BitPim

    so how can I fix this

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