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    I have searched this thread for hours for step by step instructions on how to transfer my computer files to my A920 music player. My phone came with the USB cord - a very tiny memory card - along with a small disk to insert the memory card.

    My questions are -

    1. What specifically do I need to purchase in order to transfer files from my personal computer to my phone?

    2. Once I purchase these items will I need any additional software that did not come in the box with my phone.

    3. Now that I know everything to buy, can you please tell me step by step how to make this work.

    I am new at transferring files from computer to phone so I am looking for very detailed directions. I read my owners manual that came with the phone but there were no directions on file transferring. I ordered 3 songs for $5 but according to this site I should be able to transfer my music collection to my phone with no problem, HMMM?

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