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    Hey everyone.

    I've had my A670 for almost 3 years -- everyone in my family has upgraded several times for whatever reasons, and I have yet to find a phone I prefer. My husband recently gave me the Razr, but I really didn't like it, and ended up giving it to my son. I just love how the A670 feels in my hand -- weight wise, design wise, and I just have not found anything that compares. Yesterday, I saw my brother's LG VX8100 and actually really liked the design. I looked them up, and found that they're up to the VX 8300 now, and it comes in a dark grey, similar to the A670 -- I take pics, don't text message, and my phone is primarily a phone for me -- I can get the VX 8300 for $19.99 through my husband's work -- do you think it might be a good replacement for my Samsung? What do you guys recommend?

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    Re: What to upgrade to from SCH A670???

    Well al depends on how much you like the camera. I used to have the lg vx8100 and the night time pics sucked. all fuzzy and camera is slow. So when it broke i bought the samsung a950. The pics are 10 times better , night time pics are great, plus internal antenna so thew phone looks a lot better if you ask me. i like the samsungs camera and looks a lot better. just my 2 cents.

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