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    i also posted this in the Verizon thread, but, i figured it could be samsung related too..

    my boyfriend recently switched his cell phone plan and his phone hasnt been working ever since then. does anyone know how long it takes for it start working again? the problem he seems to have is that the phone randomly turns on and off and he can see when people are calling but he cant pick up or call anyone back. he says its because he switched his phone plan, and because its a family plan (his dad and brother need to be activated as well). he has verizon and i think he just switched it to some plan where he has more long distance coverage or something like that. does anyone know how long it should take to activate it? its been something like 5 days that his phone has been out of order. the reason why im asking here is because he has a samsung and idk if any of you have ever had this problem. maybe its activation related or maybe it has something to do with the phone?

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    Re: has this ever happened to any of you?

    call *611 from your cell if you can and ask verizon about it or go to a verizon store if one is close. Maybe a reprogram is needed I think that # is *227 but not 100% sure. Other wise sounds like the phone may have problems. good luck

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