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    I purchased D508 phone oversea. I cannot get it work in Kentucy using Cingular network. It has all reception bars but shown "Limited Service" on the phone. When I tried to dial a number, it stated that it is for emergercy call only. I cannot received phone call either. D508 is a a tri-band phone with bandwidth of 900/1800/1900 MHz. I was sure it would work in Kentucky. It worked in Ohio. Does any one has this problem? Can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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    As im looking around, cingular uses the 800/850/1900 MHz bands (800/850 being cellular, 1900 being PCS). I've seen that it disables the 1800 band in some places though. Check here and see if it helps: Cell Phone Dead Spots - Kentucky - Cell Phone Dead Spots

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