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    I got my phone stolen and I am wondering if it is possible for me to remotley connect to my stolen phone so I can get all my videos and pictures. It seems like it should be plausibe but I don't know how. Anything helps...

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    Re: Recovering videos on Samsung t509 (how to?)

    Well, let me start out by saying welcome to CPF! It acctually is not possible to "remotely connect" to your phone. I use this wording because i edited your post above to comply with our forum's rules and standards. You would acctually have to have the phone IN HAND to do that, as the phone's INTERNAL MEMORY is not connected to the NETWORK. Even if it was, you'd be "remotley connecting" to the SERVICE PROVIDER'S network, not your phone, and that would be a 3RD DEGREE FELONY. It's the same as accessing a secure Access Point and connecting to it unauthorized, then becomming illegal. I typed in capital letters for the important parts

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