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    "We got the first real images of the upcoming clamshells for T-Mobile and Sprint, the SGH-T619 and SPH-M500. They share the same design and similar features and are respectively quad-band GSM/EDGE and CDMA/EV-DO phones. They have both cleared the FCC approvals earlier this year, but neither has been officially announced, yet. Some of their features are clamshell design, internal antenna, two color displays, 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and slot for microSD cards."

    Source: PhoneArena [Full Article & Photos] [More Pics @ Phonescoop]

    What do you guys think of these phones?

    See More: Samsung SGH-T619 and SPH-M500 for the holidays?
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    Re: Samsung SGH-T619 and SPH-M500 for the holidays?

    Well... I'm not much of a Sprint fan due to the coverage here, but it looks like a solid phone! As for the T619 it's a very feature rich phone, but I hate samsung's recent changes to the phone's design (see the top of the phone, the flip) I hate that soooo much with the rounded design. But it has EDGE support, which is very nice considering that T-Mobile is the best provider in my area.

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