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    I have followed the instructions about uploading ringtones trough the site but i have come across a problem. When the ringtone plays when someone calls the ringtone skips(only at the start) when there is an assigned picture from my albums. but when i use the ringtone i have downloaded from bell itself it doesn't skip at all.

    I'm not sure if the size of the ringtone is the problem because the downloaded ringtone from bell is really small compared to the uploaded one?

    or is it because the phone's software just takes a while to serach in 2 different folders...if so why does the bell downloaded ringtone work with no problems?

    thanks much

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    Re: samsung a900 ringtone problem

    Hi I use this prgram called WavePad to convert my ringtones for my a900 but you have to set the bitrate to 44 bitrate like in this pic

    or for just 10$ you can download unlimited ringtones form www.my1800ringtones.com

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    Re: samsung a900 ringtone problem

    not sure ,mine does not do that. I have one ringtone that does that, the rest don't. Put them all on the same way, all work fine except the one so I assume its a problem with that one and not the downloading process or whatever else.
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