Hi all,

I have a Samsung E310 (and, oh god, it's the worst phone i've ever owned, though i've only had three). I also have a rather clunky program called "EasyGPRS" that i need in order to upload things from the phone onto my computer. I like to have a record of my sms's, and mostly, i just use EasyGPRS to load them onto my computer. Unfortunately, a certain amount of my SMSs are labelled as "EMS" messages by EasyGPRS, and have a note next to them saying "This is an EMS message! View in phone!".

There is no difference between these "EMS" messages and regular SMS messages, except that EasyGPRS refuses to do anything with "EMS" messages. When i try to cut and paste such messages into my computer, EasyGPRS, with its usual eloquence, says "EMS message cannot this operation!"

Some of the so-called EMS messages in my phone have an icon next to them in EasyGPRS that looks like a musical note, or a photograph. This makes me wonder: is an EMS message a message with non-text content? I have NEVER received nor sent a message with non-text content. None of the messages EasyGPRS labels as "EMS" have anything much unusual about them, that i can see.

How can i get these messages onto my computer? They have regular text, just like any other text message. I can see the letters arrangd before my eyes when i look at them in the phone itself. Why won't EasyGPRS let me put them onto my computer?

Is there a program that will? Is there a fix, or a workaround for it?

It's verrry frustrating... and i've lost messages in the past because i've unknowingly deleted these "EMS" messages without realising they were just normal messages, some of which i dearly wanted to save. Anyone have any advice (short of getting a decent phone)?

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