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    i just got mine this week and have a few questions......

    its a pretty nice step up for me. as all i had was a basic flip phone but im a bit dissapointed. mostly because i fooled around for about 2 hours to be able to transfer my music to the phone and when I finally figured it out i learned i couldnt set my songs as rings tones anyway. and that was really the only reason i wanted a music phone (as i already have an MP3 player).

    does anyone know if there is a "crack" to help me set my music as a ringtone? if so please let me know!

    is there any way to lock the keypad (to ensure i dont turn it on or inadvertently make calls when its in my pocket)?

    also i was hoping just to use the headphones i use with my MP3 walkman so I don't have to buy yet another headset (i have too many as it is) ....

    so i just bought a STEREO adapter (1/8 to 3/32) to be able to use my old headphones. and it doesnt work (it only plays on the "right" channel)! So does anyone know if i can fix this and how? after all the hype about STEREO playback and the duel stereo speakers on the phone i think this is my biggest let down !!!

    Thanks for any help,


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    Re: samsung-a930 .....HELP PLEASE!


    Read that, 2nd to last post. It anwsers your 1st question.

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    Re: samsung-a930 .....HELP PLEASE!

    Not sure if it's the same situation but my T619 greys out the .mp3 files for ringtone use. A simple way around this is to convert them to .3gp. Same sound, different format.

    Assuming you have iTunes, add the desired song into the iTunes library. Once it's in there right-click the song and select 'Convert selection to ACC'. Now find the converted file (now .m4a) and change the extension to .3gp. Transfer over the .3gp files in the same fashion as the .mp3's. You *should* have custom ringtones available now.

    Now this is just how I did it on my T619 so it may or may not work on yours but it's simple enough that it's worth a shot.

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