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    High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) broadband mobile is coming to the US in 2007. Along with this new phones that support it will be released. The SGH-A707 is one of them. Other features include clamshell design, WMDRM (Window Media Digital Right Management), MP3, WMA, RA support, 2mp camera, camcorder, stereo Bluetooth, and USB 2

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    See More: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular
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    Re: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular

    For those of you who don't know - this phone was released at some Cingular stores late last week.

    However, Cingular issued a mass recall of all phones waiting to be sold at Cingular stores due to an issue with the phone failing to play Windows DRM music.

    According to Cingular, the problem has been solved and new phones shipped today. They should be available at some stores as early as tomorrow (Tues Nov 7).

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    Re: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular

    Samsung A707 has launched in Cingular stores however product is a bit hyped. For one there is little to no multi function capabilities unlock Cingular's current #1 HSPDA phone the LG CU 500. Now I know those reading this about the 500 are probably thinking I've lost it but its true, aside from the lack of voice dial and horrible Bluetooth connection the 500 is nice in that you can do multiple tasks at the same time such as listen to music, browse the web with an xhtml browser and even access your text message in box and IM account with out turning of the music, however on the Samsung the moment you wish to do something other than the music player it automatically suspends the music player. However the 2 MP camera is a nice feature as well especially considering all the effects you can use with it, and another nice thing is that the music player in the Samsung actually organizes your songs for you, the LG organizes based on date added, not name. Hoping that the BlackJack can bring back my love of Samsung


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    Re: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular

    Yup it is in some stores I just bought it I have dont know what you meant by the bad bluetooth connection? I use the bluetooth, and it works great for me (but again, I just today got the phone) I havent used it extensively

    would you read my post here>>> http://cellphoneforums.net/samsung/t...ce-needed.html

    and hopefully give me some great advice!!

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    Re: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular

    Does anyone know whether the SGH-A707 ("Cingular Sync") will work in Japan? More specifically, can it handle WCDMA?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Samsung SGH-A707 Coming to Cingular

    More specifically, can it handle WCDMA?
    No. This is a GSM phone.

    Does anyone know whether the SGH-A707 ("Cingular Sync") will work in Japan?
    I don't think so. What frequencies do Japan harness?

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