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    My "hands free" stereo headset broke for my a900 phone. Does anyone else think that the head phones are gay and samsung should of made there audio input hole to a 3.5mm instead of a 2.5mm. So now I went to go plug in some damn ipod earphones and they wouldn't fit. What kind of bull**** is that! Today I went to radioshack and bought an audio jack so I can use it from a 2.5mm to a 3.5mm but that **** sucks ass too. So does anyone know any good audio jacks or anyway I can use 3.5mm earphones, or should I just get a damn ipod?


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    Re: Samsung A900 *Problem*

    Maybe you should just get an mp3 player. The a900 only has enough memory to hold about 30 minutes or less of music. Just get an mp3 player and some cheap headphones, and all of your problems will be solved.

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