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    Re: Setting mp3 as ringtones on samsungs T-619

    Quote Originally Posted by kr580
    Sorry leen but you don't need to hack anything. Just upload the .mp3 into the music folder and you're set. I posted this on another thread:

    Dunno if anyone needs this but it works. I got this from another forum... no credit to me.

    Step by step:

    1. Select the Scott Stapp song as your ringtone.
    2. Immediately go back into the mp3 list and select the song you want. (When you hit select nothing will happen)
    3. Hit Back. (It will still show the old song as the ringer... ignore that.)
    4. Hit Save.
    5. Enjoy

    I've found you can set MP3's as the main ringtone as well as a different ringtone per MyFaves contact using the same method. Haven't figured out how to get it per non-MyFave contacts.
    yes i know! you need 2 hack the phone but if you want 2 unlock comeplet the phone you really need to do it if you want to put everything on your phone like you five! You need to do it this phone have a lock for limited use you can set the ringtones like the way you said but if you want to unlock your five for the music you make for you phone you need to do it! and then you can see you own ringtones like the other you danwload from the t-zone you can select your other ringtone like the other you have on your phone maybe for other don't want to do it but person like me a did because i like to see everything on my phone like the ringtones i danwload from t-zone thas why! and wen you full unlock your phone you can do what ever you want whit them and you have more on your phone stuff you phone don't support and that way is comeplet unlock you phone support more than you imagen is no't nesesary to do it, but if you want you do it for you own you make the change own you'r phone.

    But anyway thanks for you respond and you opinion the way you said to do it work's!

    But Remenber the way i said is for full unlock the phone for your five and everything on you phone!

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    Re: Setting mp3 as ringtones on samsungs T-619

    Well you can set the MyFaves ringtones without hacking anything but it's the non-MyFaves that gives you problems.

    Anyway, I see what you mean. My bad.

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