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    I just purchase a SAMSUNG T629 and I do not know how to transfer files from my computer to my phone.

    No where in the directions does it state HOW to get MP3 files to the phone.


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    Re: Help!!!

    You should be able to transfer the mp3 file if you go to the folder where the file is and right click, select send via and the option for bluetooth will come up select it and then search for your phone.

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    Re: Help!!!

    Transfering music to your phone from your computer can be done through bluetooth (either it's built into your computer or you'll need a usb bluetooth adapter), a usb data cable, or a micro sd card. I would strongly suggest getting a micro sd card as it gives you more storage on your phone. You can order a 1 GB Micro SD card(with sd adapter) for as cheap as $22 with free shipping as I did. The micro sd card slides inside the sd adapter and then can be used as an sd card, so if you have a digital camera with a usb cable, you have your card reader. The first thing you want to do with a micro sd card is put it in your phone. You do this first, because when you go to access it, the phone will ask you to format and you should say yes. This will build the folders for you so you know where to copy files to (one for sounds, music, video, and other files). Once you've formatted the micro sd card, insert it into the sd card adapter and plug the sd card in your card reader or camera connected to your computer. That will give you an extra drive that you can go to and just copy the files to the appropriate folder.

    There's nothing special you need to do for mp3 files other than copy them to the music folder. The same should be true of pictures, but videos require conversion to 3gp before they will work on the phone.

    Using a data cable is a cheap alternative (anywhere from $5 to $10), but you'll be limited to the phone's memory. Using bluetooth works, but you'll need to detect the device and make a connection between the two devices.

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    Re: Help!!!

    T629 Low volume
    Does anyone know the hidden menus code to adjust volume settings on the T629?


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    Re: Help!!!

    ya i can't figure out how to put music on my d807 w/ a usb cable

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