Hello I'm new to the forum and I have a question about the SGH-D807 that I just purchased. I have previously had the Motorola V551 and RAZR but have decided to try out this new D807. I have two questions about this phone.

1) One of the things that is bothering me with this phone that I do not remember happening with the Motorola phones is when I'm transferring items to this phone through the bluetooth connection from my PC and I get an incoming call the bluetooth disconnects. My earpiece isn't connect at this time either. Is this the norm for this phone or do I need to change the setting in the phone.

2) I have the Motorola phone tools program and with the program you can make your own ringtones and transfer to the phone. With the Samsung software I have been able to highlight certain parts of the songs like with the Motorola software but it still transfers the full song. Can you not make your own ringtones like with the Motorola software.

Thanks in advance.

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