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    I have Samsung Trace t519 and i was wondering if i can have that phone working as some gps device.

    Meaning what i would like to have is a phone that tells me where i am at and if i put the address of destination could take me to it?

    Posibile or not?

    i seen some advertisement of motorola phone is doing that but i was wondering if my samsung can too ?

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    Re: Samsung Trace t519 - GPS?

    Yes, you may use GPS-Trace Orange personal online monitoring service for free.
    You may buy any special tracker from supported list, if you'd like to track phone directly you may use one of supported programs. For professional tracking software I recommend Apsicore GSM tracker and for test purposes or infrequent use you may try Mobile GPS, which is avaible for free.

    See gps-trace.com/?page=orange for list of features.

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