Yes, I am a Super Newbie and this is my first really good cell phone. I have had older models (Nokia 3210) that did nothing more than receive and make calls. Now I have this Samsung SGH-X630 with camera and video. I have never had one like it before. So I am very VERY new at downloading the videos.
Let me preface by saying the contract with my provider, a German provider by the way (cause I live in Heidelberg Germany) does NOT include internet access (yes, I am cheap cause I pay only 10 Euros per month for service). I have Bluetooth and purchased a USB Dongle to download my pix and vids but alas, I am not having sucess with the video part of this experience and I don't know if it has to do with my total inexperience or with the dongle I have.
The video, playing on the camera, is fine. The file size is 289 kb and is a .3gp format. When I connect via the dongle and go to a 'file transfer' via Bluetooth the file saved in my laptop is only 18kb (!) and no converter or media player will play it. The file has the Quicktime icon on it but will not play it. I have research all over the internet, downloaded various freeware (Zwei-Stein, Quicktime Alternate and Media Player Classic - which I already had) but in all cases the file is not playable. Media Player says "Cannot render the file". Other players say "this in not a video file".
Does my Samsung have some setting that will help transfer this file of which I am not aware?
Maybe I should be asking this question in a different part of the forum?
Help this total Newbie who loves to learn and is willing to learn.
I have a new toy and I want to learn what it can do!

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