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    Hey guys... cool phone.

    But anyways, I just got this phone from Cingular and was wondering if I could delete some of the prestored phonebook entries...

    like "Check Balance" "Pay My Bill" "Directory Assistance" and "Voice Connect"

    So far I haven't been able to figure out a way to do so and they are kind of bothering me.

    Also... what's with the cover of where the USB (or headphones) connect? It's easy to move out of the way, but it just dangles there. Can I just rip this off, or was it not meant to do that? Same thing goes on the other side (the Micro SD cover).

    edit: 1 last question... where can i buy the data cable and earbuds for the a707. i couldnt find it in the online store, and i'm not interested in paying $40 for that music bundle from cingular with a crappy software cd and $2 headphones

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    Re: Just got a SGH-A707... a few questions

    as far as those unwanted contacts go you cant delete them but you can hide them. go to ADDRESS BOOK SETTINGS then go to VIEW CONTACTS FROM.....and select SIM Memory. that way it only views your contacts and not the service numbers.
    Phone: Samsung SGH a707

    Service: Cingular

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