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    I have a few questions about this phone, but I cant seem it find any answers because it is somewhat new.

    1. Is it durable enough to put in you back pocket? My other phone I was afraid to break it, I am not heavy at all, under 150.

    2. does it fit your head well? Some phones that I have used were hard to use because they dont really fit your head (LG Chocolate)

    3. Can you listen to music or take pictures/video while the phone is close?

    Its so tough to decide phones when they dont have a floor model .


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    Re: Questions about Samsung M610

    1. doesnt matter what weight you are i dont think you would want to put it in your back pocket and sit down, but walking around with it in there..sure

    2. fits head well

    3. you can listen to music while its closed..not take pics or watch videos because there is no external lcd display

    hope this helps you a bit

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