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    I've been searching everywhere for a data transfer prgm for this phone ,(I've got all the drivers(CDMA modem is listed in device manager as well as Samsung diagnostic serial port and suteen data cable) I can think of,bitpim,datapilot,samsung pc link,mobile edit ,and more.I've been able to use QPST to view some of the file structure(I have my MSL #)But before I start hacking all I am interested in ,is transfering my contacts over to this ***** Kitty.Any suggestions?(I've heard that bitpim WILL reconize this phone as a SCH A95.But no luck so far(it "sees" the phone , but no luck in uploading info to phone.Oh my carrier is Telu$.Any info? I've been to every forum I can find so far,and no luck

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    Re: SPHA 720 Sync Software

    This may not help, but just got the blackjack and used Motorola Phone Tools to transfer everything I had into outlook then sinked it to my blackjack. Picts and all. GOod luck

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