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    I have an A900 by Samsung I've been wondering for awhile why when I take a picture on the phone when I preview it the quality is great, perfect, in fact. But when I assign it to screen saver or look at in my ablum the quality is not that great. I have the quality set to fine, isn't the best? I hope that I'm not so stupid I'm missing something. I'd really like to take good quality pictures is there something I'm missing or a hack or is there nothing I can do about the picture quality. To restate things when I take a picture, in preview mode the picture quality looks uncompressed but when I view it later it looks foul, yet I have the quality on 1.3mp and fine.


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    That's because of the screensize. It's the same if you took a 5x9 photo and blew it up to billboard size, it will look aweful. Same effect when you have a bunch of little dots that form an image. Look at it up close and you can't make out the image. Move it far away and it will look perfect. It is all about how the brain renders what you see. In this case, the preview is so small that your eye's cannot see the defects in the photo.

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