There are a lot of features and setbacks to this phone. I will start with its strengthens and then walk about its weaknesses. Unfortunately it is plentiful in both. For starters the phone is a great price because it is older tech. Aside from the great price the phone starts to go downhill. It has very bright screen when set on basically a “energy kill mode”. Using this brightness, you will have to charge the phone every night. On the “Power save” mode the phone becomes a 2-3 day phone, but is very hard to see outdoors and is not easy to switch from one to the other. The camera is of a low quality but that is expected from older phones. Some of the large negatives of this phone is the time it takes to text with. This is because you must connect to the vision network each time that you wish to read and then send a text. Unlike newer phones where the application is on the device for this a lengthy process is involved. As a consequence it takes a few minutes after receiving the message for the phone to tell you that you have received a message. While this is fine for the occasional texting, a conversation cannot take place with the time it takes to compose a message. This was the largest downside for me. Although the phone's volume went very loud it was strange in that you could turn it way up and still not be able to hear what the person was saying. With my new V3 RAZR I do not have this problem and can have conversations at even the lowest volume settings. Another thing that was a fairly large minus was the lack of a speakerphone. I received this phone used lightly and I had to buy a replacement battery because they do tend to go bad after a year or 2. Nothing big or unexpected just something to keep in mind if you are buying used. I liked this phone because it is very tough to destroy. (I tried many times through accidental drops and only when in anger I slammed it at my brother did the screen pop off, and only because it was open when I threw it.) The “toughness factor” of this phone is very high. This is a good basic phone but if you like to text stay away!

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