Samsung SCH A520 Review

Highlight of the Features!
Small compact flip cover with 256 color that show battery strength, network signal, shows Caller ID of incoming calls, missed calls, alerts for texts and messages. External antenna. Has a calculator, world clock times, phone book, and various other options. Very easy to use and fits perfectly in my pruse because of the small size. Has various ringtones, and vibrating ringtone, that can be used for not only the incoming calls but messages as well. Great for the notice user as well. Functional without the extra techonology.

I bought this phone about 3 + years ago, and have enjoyed it immensely without any problems whatsoever, although I have brought it in for the occasional upgrades for towers. The attractive colors of gold and silver made the phone very stylish and charming. Another special amenity is that it came with an extended battery so I always had another battery ready to go while the other was charging up. That was very helpful!! The screen savers and wall paper are very appealing, especially the colored fish picture. The buttons on the phone are very easy to maneuver. Capable of games, but I did not partake. Able to record your voice on the answering machine. Great for text messaging. I have absolutely no complaints about this phone even after all this time.

Perhaps the only con's about this phone would be the fact that it has no screen protector on the front so I have a few minor scratches on the window time plate. Has an external antenna so that was an extra step. No camera capabilities or camcorder. No real frills, however, it is a decent phone and I do recommend it for general phoning for the average user.

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