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    This was written by NWAHS @ CellPhoner.Net - Your Cell Phone Community -

    What you need:

    1. You need a cable to connect your phone to your computer. (And a 9V battery) You have to get a linking serial cable to do this. I got mine off of ebay. Just search "T809 Serial Cord" (make sure it plugs into the serial port, and a 9V battery can be plugged into it)

    2. You need to then download the software that you are putting on your phone. I advise downloading the version that I will post, but if you want version 2 or 3, request it and I will send it to you (there are no extra advantages to version 2 or 3. If the link does not work, please contact me) Free file hosting by

    Actually flashing your phone:

    1. Make sure your phone is 100% charged. You will also need a 9V battery.

    2. Turn your phone off, take the battery out, take the SIM card out (and leave it out) and then put the battery back in. Then attach the 9V battery to the flashing cord you have, and plug the cord into your phone. (The could should have previously been attached to the computer.)

    3. You should have downloaded the D820-FC1 file I posted above. It should be zipped. Unzip it if you have not already. It should come with a program called "OneNANDDownloader_v18_Lite" - Open this program

    4. You will want to click "BIN + TFS" and make sure "Don't Auto NAND Format" is checked. Then click on the BIN and TFS buttons, and direct your computer to the files you have just unzipped.

    5. After this, press "Start."
    You should see:
    ** Wait for Connect Request from Mobile...
    ** (POWER ON the PHONE!)
    What are you waiting for? Do what it says. Press the red button on your phone. Hold it for about 3 or 4 seconds. The screen should not go on (although it may) but your the OneNand Downloader should start to show progress.
    It will do something quickly (usually less then a minute) and when it is done, it will give you the option to "download"

    6. Press download, and wait for a little over 2 hours.
    When it is done, unplug it, put the SIM in, and have fun with your new D820.

    The Update
    What it does:
    1. Automatically save sent sms to sent folder
    2. Battery indicator has now 16 "slices" instead of 3
    3. Fullscreen picture viewer: Push up button to view pics on fullscreen (for some reason this only works with pics in the mem card or downloaded images folder)
    4. Fullscreen video by pushing left button (in case you have the slide closed and you can't push the 1)
    5. Limit on GIFs individual file size that phone can handle now is 2.2mb instead of 300kb
    6. Java folder is 8mb instead of 4mb


    Download the updated Bin/Cla file:

    1. This patch can be downloaded here: RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

    2. Unzip the file

    3. Open OneNand Downloader. Make sure ONLY "BIN" is selected. Then click on the "Bin" button and point the computer to the file you just downloaded.

    4. Make sure "Don't auto Nand format" is checked

    5. Make sure: Phone is charged, you have a new 9V battery. Etc...Take SIM out, turn phone off. Connect the phone, hit start, turn the phone on. Then when you have the option, hit download.
    It should take between 45 and 50 minutes.

    -NWahs @ Cell Phoner

    See More: Official T809 --> D820 thread
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    Re: Official T809 --> D820 thread

    Very Nice!

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    Re: Official T809 --> D820 thread

    thank the guys in my sig!

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