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    I need to upgrade to a new Samsung and I plan to sync to my Outlook address book. The problem: I have 1600 contacts!

    The Question: if a cell phone has a decent amount of shared memory (let's say 35 MB), and an additional memory card slot, will it hold over 1000 contacts?

    I've been scouring the web checking the spec sheets on multiple phones (i'm most interested in the X700), and I can't get a clear answer. Some sites say 1000 contacts and some don't say anything except the amount of memory.

    I don't want a smart phone/PDA/Blackberry, I want a small pocketable candybar cell (preferably Samsung...but I'll take anything at this point, so long as it has a small form factor, only numeric keys, and can hold over 1000 contacts).

    Is this even possible? Are all non-smart phones limited to 1000 contacts on the memory and 250 on the sim card? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: One issue holds me back from my next purchase...please help!

    Unfortunately phones won't hold 1600 contacts, correct me if I'm wrong. The best thing to do would be to decide who you really need to have programmed into your phone and narrow it down.
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