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    hey everyone, I just got a samsung t519 [or 'trace'] and I'm trying to send a couple wallpapers I made to the phone through bluetooth. it's not working, my dongle software just gives me a general error message and aborts. has anyone else had this problem? I've been able to transfer mp3's and mp3 ringtones to this phone with no problem. I was able to send images error-free using this same dongle and software with my last phone, a sony ericsson t610. I've been google and forum searching for the last hour or so and haven't found anything helpful. can anyone help me? thanks in advance

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    Re: Bluetooth Photo Transfer

    We're using a dongle also, and installed the included software. They recognize hubby's phone, Nokia, without any problem, and "appears" to recognize my phone. But when I try to transfer anything "to or from" the pc or my Samsung Trace, the loading bar stays on a long time until it errors. I've not been able to transfer either way using my Samsung and dongle.

    But, I can transfer from my Samsung to my hubby's Nokia just fine, then he can transfer my stuff from his phone to the PC for me. It's a work around, but it's annoying, so I went to the T-Mobile store.

    The clerk wasn't able to help; he wasn't even able to check to see if my phone hooked up to their bluetooth (I would have thought a T-Mobile employee would have known how to check that).

    Although the Trace is sleek, and has better resolution for photos, I regret spending the $ on the Trace, not only because of the BlueTooth problems, but also because the charger receptacle is so weird that it's hard to find cables for it.

    Hubby bought a hand-crank charger with 4 charger tips, and none of them fit my Trace. So anytime there's a power loss, I'll have to use my car charger. I hope I'm around our vehicle if we have another long-term power loss like Ike.

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