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    Re: Always allowing an application to access Internet

    Quote Originally Posted by lotacus
    ok. i found the problem. When I use qpst to enter my phone's filesystem. I have to enter my unlock code, which is exactly what you are trying to find. So when I close qpst, and enter unicdma, it shows the security code... so unicdma isn't going to work to find your security code because in order to read the file that contains the security code, you need the security code in order to get permission to read that part of the file system.. wow. ok. I am going to try something else to help you.

    You have a version which lets you put in a phone password. Try to put this in the password field: 01F2030F5F678FF9

    I don't have that version you have so I cannot try it to see if it works. so when you put that in, click on "read all". try puting the phone in Offline A and read all again. If that doesn't work, there is another program out there that will do a way better job and is accurate.
    Sorry, still no luck

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