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    Alright, I have had the phone for a few weeks. I tried to use the music essentials kit to put music on the phone, but when syncing it doesn't connect. So I put the SD into a memory card slot, it read fine. Put music on it following the instructions. The music is on the card. I put the card into the phone and no music shows up.

    I am gonna get a few of the obvious problems that I have tried out of the way. Yes I used Windows media player 10. Both the phone and the card have been replaced because the old ones wouldn't do this either(WHOOP for verizon replacing anything at the drop of a hat). Checked the memory usage when in the phone. The numbers match to the amount of music I put on the card.

    So whats the deal? help is appreciated.

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    Re: New a990, having trouble with music

    Make sure that your music is in mp3, mp4, or m4a format. Then go to the root of the SD card in Windows Explorer, make a folder called MEDIA, and put the music in there. Then try the card in your phone using Media Player.

    If that doesn't work, try putting the music in a folder called MUSIC on the root of the card.

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